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    Trish has a busy life. She runs 3 businesses and loves to travel with her husband. In her opinion, health is her top personal priority. It takes good eating habits, exercise and sleep to maintain our bodies good working order. Like many of you, Trish was constantly looking how to manage her very busy life-style and maintain her health. A few years back, she ran into some 'changes' and found she had to watch things a bit closer.

    Fortunately she shared her health concerns with her best friend. That is when she was introduced to doTERRA. You see, Trish thought essential oils were 'snakeoils'. How could aromatherapy help anyone? Well, when her friend told her to rub 2 drops of oils on her feet... She rolled her eyes in disbelief. Yet one week later...Trish saw dramatic changes that made her a believer!


    Today Trish enjoys traveling and sharing with as many folks as possible the reality of Essential Oils. She and her husband use doTERRA daily in their lives...and it matters!


    If you would like to hear more information, please reach out to speak with Trish directly!

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